Quadratics in the Real-World: A Sample Digital Storytelling Project

As I wrote about a few weeks ago, I am creating a digital storytelling project for Algebra students in grades 7 and 8 for a graduate-level educational technology course I am currently taking. This week, we were asked to create a sample student project to which students can refer in developing their own digital story. As I created this student sample, I considered what it is I would expect students to be able to do and what it is they should include in their own projects. This the resulting student sample project (click here).

I would absolutely appreciate any and all comments and feedback regarding the sample. Specifically, I would like to know if the information, as it is presented, is clear. Does it make sense to a general audience? Will students be able to utilize this sample to adequately guide them in developing and creating their own mathematical digital story? Please, don’t limit your comments to these questions, but provide constructive advice to make this sample project better for student use.

Thank you in advance!


3 thoughts on “Quadratics in the Real-World: A Sample Digital Storytelling Project

  1. Hey Lynn. Great example! I think you did a great job. I like how the information is broken up. At first I saw math and my head hurt a bit. But I think your example breaks up the content in just the perfect size to make it flow well. I did not feel overwhelmed or lost at any point. Usually when you have content like this, you reach a certain point and then start to zone out and just go with the motions. I think your example really helped alleviate that. Yes, I think the information was very clear and concise. I really like the parts of the text you bolded. That really made the information easy to digest. I wish I had more criticism for you but you did too good of a job. I’m sorry.


  2. Thanks so much, Marshall! Based on your “head hurting” because it was a math project, I think I will remind student that it is important to take your audience into consideration and that while they can assume that the viewers of their digital story will have an algebra background, they should also strive to make it understandable to the lay person. Thanks, again.


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