Who this blog is for

Are you a teacher, who wants to learn more about educational technology and how to integrate technology into your classroom to enhance student learning?

Me, too!

Okay, so I am not the expert, but then my blog title probably already gave that away. What I am though is a passionate teacher and graduate student, who is spending the semester (at the very least) learning about educational technology.

While I am not the expert, I am here to share my experiences with you so that you might learn along with me. I am also here to accept your own thoughts and advice. And, in the course of this blog and comments back and forth, we are “connecting” digitally and building our personal learning network! How’s that for this “old dog learning some new tricks?”

An invitation

I invite you to check back frequently, learn along with me, and have a dialogue with me and other passionate teachers.

If you are excited as I am to get started, here is a recent post about becoming a connected teacher: https://lynnmichelle19.wordpress.com/2015/02/07/the-connected-teacher/

And, here is another about some small steps I am taking to better and more frequently use technology in the classroom: https://lynnmichelle19.wordpress.com/2015/02/14/what-good-teachers-do-with-technology/

A bit more about me (personally and professionally)

My name is Lynn, and I am a graduate student at the University of Central Florida studying Instructional Design and Technology, with a focus on e-learning.  I hope one day to move out of the classroom and design instruction for business and industry.

I have a business background, having been an accountant for 11 years prior to becoming a teacher and having also earned an MBA. All this was a whole other life before I became a teacher. This life though offers a “real world” perspective for me and for my students, which I think makes me a better teacher. Currently, I am teaching 7th grade mathematics and Algebra. I’ve been teaching middle school, mainly mathematics for almost 14 years.

I’ve taught both mathematics and business to students in grades 6 through 12 in both brick and mortar schools and online. I see the benefits of both learning environments, and I believe the right use of technology can blend these two environments in a way that meets the needs of a broader range of students.

Personally, I live on the east coast of central Florida (called the Space Coast; think N.A.S.A.). I am married to David (see picture below of us in NYC last summer), and we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary this year (Sounds like a crazy long time to me, but what’s crazy about it is that we often feel like the teenagers we were when were first met and wonder how the time flew by so quickly!). I have two grown children (This also blows our minds.), one who is a junior in college and the other who is the process of joining the military. Even with grown children, I don’t seem to have the down time I thought I might, but that probably has to do with the fact that I am a teacher (All teachers can understand this.), and am a graduate student. If I do manage to find some “me” time, I love to read. In fact, I can do it to the point of obsession (no sleep until the book is done). Knowing this, I try to monitor myself closely while I am taking classes. Note: I said I “try” to watch my reading.


Times Square, NYC 2014
Times Square, NYC 2014

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Lynn,

    I am just like that once I start a book I can’t put it down. Also I think that is awesome that you have such real world experience that allows you to connect with your students. Thanks for the update


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